Size Does Matter!

This weeks blog has been written by UR’s Admin Manager, Nikki Fischr.

Now I knew that title would catch your attention 🙂  but I’m not referring to your muscle size, the weights you lift, but your food portion sizes.

Many of us tip up the cereal box on a daily basis and fill our bowl with what we think is the recommended amount, approximately 30g.  But how many of us get it right.   If you are like me then you probably fill your bowl with double this!!

The amount we eat is as important as what we eat, but getting the amount of food right can be difficult.

It can also be very time consuming if you are weighing everything.   Sometimes though some hard work and changes to routine can pay off.  Your portion sizes could be the reason why you are struggling to loose those last few stubborn pounds.

So what can we do to get the size right?…

  • Weigh out your food for a short period to become visually aware of how much the correct amount of food looks like i.e. how much your porridge oats fill up your breakfast bowl, how many spoonfuls of rice is the correct amount etc.   But are you really going to be able to remember!!
  • Eat from a smaller plate.  This may work for some but it is amazing how much you can get on a small plate.  I became quite an expert with filling a Pizza Hut salad bowl when it wasn’t unlimited!!
  • Buy portion control pots.  Seven different size and colour pots.  1 pot for carbs, 1 pot for protein, 1 pot for fats etc.  That would be an awful lot of preparation every day and a lot to carry around.

A much easier way is using the Hand Measure system.  Its so easy and you will always have your hands with you and they are proportionate to your body.  So if you are eating out compare your hands to the portion served up to you and eat the correct amount of food.

So how does it work – take a look at the infographic below which has been produced by Precision Nutrition.


This of course is a starting point and can be adjusted to meet your individual daily calorie requirements.

If you need more food then start by adding……..

FOR MEN – 1 cupped handful of carbs and/or 1 thumb of fat to a few meals each day

FOR WOMEN – 1/2 cupped handful of carbs and/or 1/2 thumb of fat to a few meals each day

If you need less food then start by removing ……… 

FOR MEN -1 cupped handful of carbs and/or 1 thumb of fat from a few meals each day

FOR WOMEN – 1/2 cupped handful of carbs and/or 1/2 thumb of fat from a few meals each day.

Such an easy solution.  Please let us know how you get on and if you have any questions please get in touch.

Yours in health,



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