This weeks blog has been written by Mark Laybourn, UR Personal Trainer and Pilates teacher.

We all like to train well, and we all like to see, and benefit from the results of our training. Mark PullupBut how do you progress to ultimately see the results. This of course comes back to the form, or technique of the exercise (as previously touched upon in my previous blog).

How do we define progression? Do you simply lift a heavier weight each time you step into the gym, add more reps to an exercise each week, run faster or further every time the running shoes are donned!

This of course can be done, by anyone and, will no doubt work for most. But how about taking a step back, to take two steps forward?!!

Now there’s a thought.

This may sound a bit strange. “How can I progress if I step back?”

Here’s a small example. I’m sure you’ve all seen our very own “Nudger” Wills perform pull-up after pull-up, muscle-up after muscle-up, handstand after handstand. You’ll agree, done with exceptional technique and form.

He has helped me recently improve both my pull-up technique and quantity. Now this has certainly been progress, but, by taking a step back.Mark Back

I thought I could, quite happily, after regular practice, manage about 15 pull-ups. However, unbeknown to me, my technique wasn’t quite right and therefore letting me down. So after a couple of adjustments to correct this, the step back was taken by reducing the quantity and focus more on the quality. This “step back” has enabled me to take two steps forward by improving muscle strength and now getting very close to 15 pull-ups again, but properly.

So don’t be afraid to take a small step back to improve your technique and form. You’ll certainly discover, as I did that you’ll improve quite quickly in strength and ultimately, of course your fitness.

Enjoy your exercise regime as the long-term benefits and the feeling of being fit and healthy (especially needed for chasing around after my sons) is unparalleled!!

Stay healthy!!

Yours in health,


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