30 Thoughts from Bud Jeffries

Bud Jeffries is a strength coach, author, motivational speaker, minister, business owner and one of only a handful of professional performing strongman on tour in the US. His anti-bullying assembly is one of the most popular in the US, now starting his 4th year on tour and having spoken to over 300,000 students in that time. Bud averages 10 shows per week, every week, during the calendar school year, only having off Thanksgiving and Christmas (winter) break. This is a rigorous schedule that no other performing strongman in the US is currently showing.

In this blog I wanted to share with you some content Bud sent out recently. He’s a pretty unconventional guy and he does all his training outside on his farm in barefoot. He is incredibly intelligent, well read and passionate about spreading the message of health and strength. 1471171236131556897

Below are Bud’s “30 Thoughts on Being an Amazing Person”. Hopefully a few of them may resonate with you and where you currently are on your personal journey:


1. Stop living the way and doing the things the majority of the human herd does.
2. Make your weaknesses into strengths and your strengths into unstoppable forces.
3. Do things that are hard enough that they force your body, mind and spirit to unify in a deep primal way.
4. Listen to that primal voice that will come out when you do them.
5. Begin to hone your intuition and instincts we’ve lost touch with by listening to that voice and stop being afraid to act on it.
6. Believe you can do things you and others never thought possible.
7. Systematically train mind, body and spirit to do them.
8. Learn from others but find your own path.
9. Smile and laugh at life, smile and laugh at death…flow with life and change the flow when you need to.
10. Never listen to naysayers and haters…and never quit.


11. There’s something you have a great talent for…could be anything…take that talent and absolutely master it.
12. Talent is only the beginning and is by far not the most important thing. Work ethic is.
13. In mastering that thing you have 2 opportunities. Learning to master yourself and learning what it takes for you to achieve greatness at something.
14. When you master one thing you can then master almost anything. Take that confidence and excellence and spread it to every area of your life.
15. Don’t worry about looking good while you get great at something. It is much more important to be a thing than to just look it.
16. Realise the best rarely judge others who are honestly working on a thing even if their style is different. You shouldn’t either.
17. Realise you do not have to sacrifice a full and rewarding life to be great at things…you just have to be efficient in training and smart at relationships and refuse to let passion for a thing destroy the totality of your life.
18. Realise that if you sacrifice a real full life to achieve greatness in one thing you have actually held that greatness back by the chaos sacrificing your peace creates.
19. Breathe. Move. Think. Love. Eat your vegetables…for starters.
20. Let the passion you have both burn bright and balance all the areas of your life!
21. Fear is the biggest thing stopping most people from doing what they want. Systematically and in small bites kill your fear.
22. Once you recognise it…most fear is a choice.


23. If you haven’t failed some you’re not reaching high enough. Failure is the steps leading up to success.
24. Cultivate your personal magnetism and positive personality traits. It is a shame to be great but alone because you’re annoying.
25. Learn everything you can but don’t let your creativity be polluted by it or let it set your limitations.
26. Broaden your mind yet hold firm your core beliefs.
27. Treat everyone with kindness and equality.
28. If a true threat comes to you or your family or those you protect…never let it make the first move.
29. See the beauty in the world.
30. Make decisions and move. Don’t second guess and don’t relent until you win.



If you would like to find out more about Bud Jeffries’ life and feats of strength you can go to his website http://anunconventionalife.com

Yours in health,


James St Pierre

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