Failure, Experience & Progression. A Lesson Learnt.

This weeks blog is written by Mark Laybourn, Pilates teacher, Sports massage therapist and member of the Unique Results training team.

I thought I’d pen some words about a recent, and probably by now, well known experience.

As you may know, I was fortunate enough to be placed on a recent Kettlebell Certification Course held here at Unique Results. A course taught by Mark & Tracy Reifkind from the USA. Both extremely knowledgable, professional and passionate about Kettlebell training.
Now, the outcome sadly didn’t go quite according to plan. I won’t bore you with the details as many of you already know them.

As I walked out of the course (and I’ll be brutally honest, I did exactly that. I walked out) my immediate reaction was “I’ve failed in a big way”, “I’ve let people down who put their trust in me” I didn’t want to be there, it wasn’t going well and all I could think of was watching my son play football. I spent the remainder of the weekend doing just that, be it right or wrong.

Since that weekend, I’ve been taught quite a valuable lesson…………by my son!!

I know some of you know my eldest son Ben. 8 1/2 years old, full of energy and loves his football, running, cycling etc and generally being active. I picked him up from an after-school bootcamp club recently and unknown to me, he’d taken quite a nasty tumble early on in the bootcamp session and had quite a few grazes from his head to his knee, all very sore. Now Ben had football training that same evening and quite rightly, he didn’t want to take part. We had to go as his younger brother also had training that evening.


So Ben stood with me watching his friends train, feeling a bit sore and a wee bit sorry for himself. Then, after about 20 minutes, to my surprise he asked if he could join in with the training. I, of course explained that it wasn’t necessary for him to take part, but he was adamant that he wanted to, so off he went and got stuck in as if nothing had happened.
You could argue that he wasn’t really hurt or that kids bounce back. Well I can assure that he most certainly was and he certainly did!!

This state of mind, attitude and physical attribute taught me a lesson. Taking a hit doesn’t mean that you have to accept the subsequent fall. On the contrary. Ben loves his football and could’ve easily taken the easy (and understandable) option to pull out, but he carried on, picked himself up and got on with it and enjoyed himself.

So, a very valuable lesson given to me by an 8 1/2 year old. Children are of course an amazing inspiration and Ben certainly was that evening.

It was a bitter pill to swallow during my Kettlebell course experience and I came away with “the grazes”. But, with a little bit of time to think about what positives I came away with from the course, I’m training again and the future is very bright indeed.

The failure soon became the experience and the progression has enabled me to train harder, better and more effectively.

So the “lesson learnt” is that when something doesn’t go quite according to plan, it doesn’t have to be viewed as failure. I and many of you will learn from all of our life’s experiences and with that in mind, we progress to bigger and better things.


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