How To Find Your Drive

Today’s blog has been written by Mark Laybourn – Personal Trainer, Pilates Teacher and Sports Massage Therapist here at Unique Results.

February already! My goodness, it’ll be Christmas soon.

So, I bet you finished last year in a blaze of glory! Knowing Christmas was approaching could possibly have been a reason to keep going. Not to stop any good habits that have materialised throughout 2017.  Because, lets be honest now, we all wanted to sit down on Christmas day and enjoy that all-important festive dinner. And why not, it’s certainly been earned during the past 12 months.

So what now?

January has been and gone already, the weather is cold, damp and the mornings are a prolonged dark, gloomy way to be greeted as you leave your house to go to work. What’s so motivating about that? Now maybe, just maybe you’re one of those lucky individuals that is extremely self-motivated and the good habits from 2017 have just kept on rolling. If you’re one of these chaps or chapessess, then I’ll be doffing my hat to you. Keep it going. If you’re not one of these fortunate folk, then what now? Where do we go from here? Your own motivation, or drive has to come from somewhere, but where?

LaybournsYou’ll excuse me if I give you a personal example of what drives me. It’s simply my family. I call my sons the Chuckle Brothers and they’re not exactly inactive. I made a deal with myself that I would never be a Dad who cannot keep up with his children. I want to run, bike, swim, play football and in the future again (as we did on holiday last year) body board in the surf until we all physically drop. OK, it’s normally me first. Seeing them doing what they love to do and watching them being active motivates me to keep myself fit, strong and healthy so that I can enjoy what they enjoy, with them.

Now, I’m fully aware that not everyone has children or has a pair of chuckle brothers as manically active as mine. Although sometimes the peace and quiet would be nice. So how about finding your drive in something as simple as the change of the season? Very soon the clocks will go forward, the mornings will get lighter, sunnier and certainly warmer. What better reason do you need to get going? Correct me if I’m wrong but there’s nothing better (ok maybe one or two things) than waking up on a fresh, sunny spring morning. Everything feels, just ready to go. So why not you as well?

bluebell-1562995_1920Personally, as the mornings get lighter and warmer I feel so much more inclined and motivated to cycle to Unique Results rather that use the car and fight the traffic. It’s a lovely 15-20 min ride along the river and through Central Park and there’s 15-20 min of exercise before anything else is done. Lovely jubbly!! So, there’s mine. What yours?

Is it weight loss for general lifestyle improvement? Maybe theres a special event coming up this year and you want to look you absolute best. Perhaps as you read this you’ll agree with me. As Spring kicks into action, everything and everyone wakes up, almost like coming out of hibernation. It’s a beautiful time of year so we can certainly make the most of it. Getting out, getting into action, finding your drive and changing your habits.

Yours in health


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