Move Well. Move Often

Having been in the health and fitness industry for nearly 20 years now I’ve seen many trends come and go, and some come and stick around.

Like fashion, everything seems to be cyclical – if you keep something in your wardrobe long enough it will eventually become ‘trendy’ again (or so I hope).

However some things always remain constant and unwavering. These things could be described as ‘the fundamentals’ or ‘the basics’. Those principles that are universal in nature and will endure the test of time. If you were being philosophical you could almost call these things ‘the truth’.

As Dan John says: ‘You lift weights a lot and you get stronger.’ Amazing. Continue reading “Move Well. Move Often”

Less Is Sometimes More.

One of my favourite sayings is:

“You can do anything, but you can’t do everything”

I have lived this a lot in the last year with my own training and the need to be selective and purposeful with how I choose to spend my valuable time. It would be brilliant to do a little bit of everything but in reality that leads to being not particularly good at anything.

During a team meeting last week it was raised that we feel a number of our members maybe ‘overdoing it’ with their training recently. This is in relation specifically to the number of classes members are attending per week, sometimes up to 3 or 4 in one day and I feel I have a duty of care to raise this topic to the whole community (and anyone else who happens to be reading).

Many of my posts are about encouraging people to do more, so this a first in asking people to possibly be more selective and do less. Continue reading “Less Is Sometimes More.”

The UR 10,000 Swing Challenge.

Some of our regular Kettlebell class attendees have heard me talk for a while about the 10,000 Swing Challenge. The 10k Challenge (to save me keep typing the whole thing) was originally designed, tested and written about by Dan John in his book ‘Never Let Go’ and in a T-Nation blog of the same name.

This post is specifically about the challenge and how we will implement it at Unique Results for our members. This is something that will require some individual training time and will not be possible to complete solely in our set class timetable. This will therefore demand a degree of commitment and should not be approached lightly. It is however something that I believe the majority of our regular class members would be capable of achieving (but it would most certainly be a challenge – hence the name).



Below, I have lifted certain sections from the original blog and also clearly stated where I would modify the structure to be most appropriate for our clientele as I know your abilities, level of conditioning and strength and also what is most ‘reasonable’ for you. The modifications I will make are also what I will be following as I will doing this challenge alongside you as well. Continue reading “The UR 10,000 Swing Challenge.”

Love what you do and appearance will follow.

“It is the pervading law of all things organic and inorganic,                                                      

Of all things physical and metaphysical,                                                                                               

Of all things human and all things super-human,                                                                            

Of all true manifestations of the head,                                                                                                  

Of the heart, of the soul,                                                                                                                        

That the life is recognizable in its expression,                                                                                

That form ever follows function.                                                                                                          

This is the law.”

Author, Louis Sullivan – Great American Architect.

How we look, or how we perceive ourselves to look is aesthetic in nature. Aesthetics is:

“the study of sensory or sensory-emotional values, sometimes called judgments of sentiment and taste.” (Wikipedia, 2009)

Which is to say – it’s subjective. Everyone has different judgments on human appearance, and finding the ideal of human physical beauty is a job best left to artists, not trainers. Each person who embarks on physical training (as opposed to sport training) may have a certain goal or ‘image’ they are striving for initially, that may change over time. Continue reading “Love what you do and appearance will follow.”

The best exercises you’re probably not doing.

At gyms all over the world people are pressing, pulling, lifting, squatting, swinging, lunging, running, rowing, cycling, stretching, crunching and curling. People use numerous implements for these including barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, cables, bodyweight, resistance bands and suspension trainers among others.

The one thing that 95% of exercises have in common is that they are performed in one place without much movement or locomotion.IMG_5646

The exercises I want to talk about today are the loaded carry family. There are numerous variations of lifts and carries which can be performed with a variety of implements that are suitable for all levels of trainee. In real life we move (or we certainly should) and in many times throughout life we are called upon to carry external loads with us as we move and walk. Continue reading “The best exercises you’re probably not doing.”

Can you do these 5 simple things?

In July 2015 we had the great honour of hosting Dan John’s first ever ‘Art of Coaching’ certification in the UK.

For those of you that don’t know, Dan’s kind of a big deal in the world of strength and conditioning and has written many great books. He also travels the world holding courses and seminars to educate fitness professionals and we have hosted him a couple of times at Unique Results over the last few years.

Since last July we have adopted his 1,2,3,4 assessment for many of our Platinum members. This is found in his book ‘Can you go?’ and was also covered in the certification. The assessment is made up of: Continue reading “Can you do these 5 simple things?”

Do you need a little TLC?

How do you structure your training sessions?

What do you include and leave out?

How do you make that decision and what criteria do you follow?

What goals are you working towards if you don’t have a clear focus for your sessions?

In January 2016 Unique Results will be launching an exciting brand new training concept which will take the place of our current Semi-Private training structure. We have been running our Semi-Private training for over 2 years now and in that time have learned a lot about training our members in small groups of 2-4 per trainer. Some things have worked very well and we have also realised that some aspects can be improved to bring more value and results to our members.FullSizeRender-3

At Unique Results we are continuously evaluating how our services are performing and how they can be improved. We are also undergoing training regularly with some of the most influential & experienced experts from around the world. Over the last 2-3 years I have been on a number of courses and certifications with Dan John (including 2 that have been hosted at Unique Results) and have read a number of his books including Intervention, Never Let Go, Can You Go?, Easy Strength & Fat Loss Happens on Monday. Continue reading “Do you need a little TLC?”