You’ve got to sweat.

I’ve lost count of the number of women and men who I’ve met over the last 18 years working in the health and fitness industry who have stood in front of me and proudly and defiantly told me that: “I don’t sweat”


“No, whatever I do and however hard I work I just don’t sweat.”

Well, very candidly and clearly I’d like to say that that’s rubbish.

I’ve never trained anyone or met anyone who doesn’t sweat when pushed hard enough.

So, on the flipside of this if you ‘never sweat’ I would suggest that you’ve never pushed yourself hard enough to sweat.

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Consistency is King.

I don’t know about you, but I’m in this for the long haul, as in for the rest of my life.

I’m going to stay physically active for as long as I possibly can, hopefully until the day I die.

A mentor of mine, Dr Bob Rakowski says that the goal of a healthy life should be to live a long, active and healthy life and then drop down dead. Dr Bob sites many studies and statistics that show even though people are living longer now than ever they are unfortunately living sicker as well. Look around and I’m sure you will see this to be true. Many people retire and may last for another 20 – 30+ years propped up by a multitude of daily tablets, medications and regular Doctor and hospital appointments.


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Size Does Matter!

This weeks blog has been written by UR’s Admin Manager, Nikki Fischr.

Now I knew that title would catch your attention 🙂  but I’m not referring to your muscle size, the weights you lift, but your food portion sizes.

Many of us tip up the cereal box on a daily basis and fill our bowl with what we think is the recommended amount, approximately 30g.  But how many of us get it right.   If you are like me then you probably fill your bowl with double this!!

The amount we eat is as important as what we eat, but getting the amount of food right can be difficult. Continue reading “Size Does Matter!”

10 Old School Nutrition Tips for Strength and Health

Over the last few years I have been introduced to an American writer called Brooks Kubik. I first listened to a series of podcasts he recorded for Strength Matters. I then went on to buy and read a number of his books including ‘Dinosaur Training’ ‘Knife, Fork, Muscle’ and ‘Strength, Muscle and Power’. Brooks is an advocate of old school training. Basic principles that stand the test of time and in some cases have been around for hundreds of years.knife_fork_muscle_cover

I recently received one of his regular emails based on nutritional advice from the 1930s & 1940s and thought it was well worth sharing. It’s amazing how the advice is the same as much of what is published today in books and magazines. Many would say that it’s common sense BUT the thing about common sense is that it’s not that common.

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Well done!

This weeks blog will be short and sweet.

I spend a lot of time every week talking to busy people. People who run businesses, mums who spend their time running around after children (and partners!), people who are working incredibly hard just to stand still (or so it sometimes feels).

I get it. I understand.

I know how it feels to be overwhelmed, overworked, underslept and to struggle to find some balance in life. To find time to spend with loved ones, to bring in money to pay for everything, to try and make sensible eating decisions, to get enough sleep AND to also find time to train as well. Continue reading “Well done!”

Too much variety is a bad thing

‘Variety is the spice of life.’

‘A change is as good as a rest.’

Just two popular quotes I’m sure you will be familiar with.

There is a common belief held by many in the fitness and exercise world that training sessions need to be switched up and changed regularly in order to ‘keep the body guessing’ and therefore force adaptations in the muscles, level of fitness etc

Like most commonly held beliefs, there’s some truth in that and also some misconceptions and the frequency of change or ‘variety’ is also something that’s up for debate.

On one side of the spectrum you have a camp of trainers and trainees who believe that no two workouts should be the same. Keep mixing it up. Different exercises, different loads, different implements, different orders, different speeds, different, different, different……. One of my mentors Mark Reifkind calls this ‘Random acts of variety’. Change for changes sake. Change without thought or design, just the desire for variety. Continue reading “Too much variety is a bad thing”

What You Don’t Know About Willpower

This weeks blog has been put together by Nikki Fischr, Unique Results Administration Manager.

I have always struggled with willpower, to the point that I actually feel I don’t have any!!  For example – I will be sat in a restaurant with the dessert menu in front of me.  I would just have eaten a lovely meal which fulfilled my appetite but I can not bring myself to say NO to the amazing desserts on offer.

So I was very pleased to find the blog below written by Krista Scott-Dixon on the Precision Nutrition website.  I will definitely be changing my mindset around willpower and follow the steps Krista provides.  I hope it helps you too…….

Most people think of willpower as a resource that runs dry… and then you’re just out of luck. But here’s the truth — and a much more hopeful approach.
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