Consistency is King.

I don’t know about you, but I’m in this for the long haul, as in for the rest of my life.

I’m going to stay physically active for as long as I possibly can, hopefully until the day I die.

A mentor of mine, Dr Bob Rakowski says that the goal of a healthy life should be to live a long, active and healthy life and then drop down dead. Dr Bob sites many studies and statistics that show even though people are living longer now than ever they are unfortunately living sicker as well. Look around and I’m sure you will see this to be true. Many people retire and may last for another 20 – 30+ years propped up by a multitude of daily tablets, medications and regular Doctor and hospital appointments.


(I know this doesn’t sound too positive or uplifting but please bare with me) Continue reading “Consistency is King.”

Who are you listening to?


I’ve just attended a seminar in London led by two fantastic speakers and people I respect very highly indeed: Author & TV ‘Life Coach’ Pete Cohen & Nutrition Expert & Chiropractor Dr Bob Rakowski.

Over the course of the seminar I made many notes about things that I felt could help me improve my own health, fitness, business and ultimately life. On reviewing my notes there was a discussion about where most people get offered (or usually force-fed) advice from very well meaning and caring family, friends and work colleagues. Continue reading “Who are you listening to?”