Gamma Radiation, Bat-copters & The Origins of Unique Results.

Recently while I was training a member she asked me out of the blue “Why did you set up UR and why do you do what you do?”

I thought this was a bit of a deep, probing question but it turned out she had just started a programme of executive coaching herself and was doing lots of work on her own life in terms of vision, values, mission, goals etc to help her set a course for the next phase of her career. This was a period of self reflection and analysis for her, hence she asked me the question possibly to get some context or perspective for her own ‘homework’.

At the time, I said something like ‘Well, there’s lots of reasons really that go quite deep and probably too much to go into with a quick few second answer’ as we were stretching off towards the end of the session. So, I thought I would put pen to paper (or finger to keyboard) and share my own journey and that of the origins of UR. Continue reading “Gamma Radiation, Bat-copters & The Origins of Unique Results.”

30 Thoughts from Bud Jeffries

Bud Jeffries is a strength coach, author, motivational speaker, minister, business owner and one of only a handful of professional performing strongman on tour in the US. His anti-bullying assembly is one of the most popular in the US, now starting his 4th year on tour and having spoken to over 300,000 students in that time. Bud averages 10 shows per week, every week, during the calendar school year, only having off Thanksgiving and Christmas (winter) break. This is a rigorous schedule that no other performing strongman in the US is currently showing.

In this blog I wanted to share with you some content Bud sent out recently. He’s a pretty unconventional guy and he does all his training outside on his farm in barefoot. He is incredibly intelligent, well read and passionate about spreading the message of health and strength. 1471171236131556897

Below are Bud’s “30 Thoughts on Being an Amazing Person”. Hopefully a few of them may resonate with you and where you currently are on your personal journey: Continue reading “30 Thoughts from Bud Jeffries”

The Power of Team.

What an incredible two weeks it has been.

It has now been confirmed that Team GB have finished second in the overall medal table behind USA. Rio 2016 has been GBs most successful Summer Olympic Games ever!

The whole country seems to have been lifted and united in a way that doesn’t seem to happen with any other sporting occasion or event.

Every medal winner from Team GB has talked about the positive influence of team success and how they were inspired to work harder & do just that little bit more because of the culture of success within the team. It’s possible for us all to dig just a little bit deeper when inspired, encouraged and supported correctly. Continue reading “The Power of Team.”

Make Time Don’t Find Time.


The most common excuse used by people for not exercising or looking after themselves is and always has been a perceived lack of time.

In Stephen Covey’s fantastic book ‘The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People’ he discusses what he calls the time management quadrant. This is where he divides up task into 4 different categories relating to levels of importance and urgency. Quadrant 2 relates to tasks that are important but NOT urgent. These are things that can and are often neglected or put off in place of more pressing or urgent tasks. Continue reading “Make Time Don’t Find Time.”

The Danger of Mums & Politeness.


Strange title, but all will become clear and i’m sure you will be able to relate to the upcoming story – especially if you’ve ever tried to eat more healthily, look after yourself or in anyway modify or improve behaviours.

I was sitting earlier this week working at home on my laptop (much as I am now) when my phone rang. On the display it said ‘Mum – Home’ so I picked up with a cheerful:

“Hi mum”

she replied:

“I’m just popping into Chelmsford and have a lovely Apple & Custard Sponge left over from the weekend, can I drop it off to you as WE DON’T WANT TO EAT IT’ Continue reading “The Danger of Mums & Politeness.”

Your Health Dashboard


When you drive a car you are constantly given feedback from the dashboard in front of you. It will tell you how you are doing, how you are performing, if there are any potential problems ahead and when you need to refuel.

When we are working on our own health and fitness we also need to take certain measurements to provide us with feedback that is specific to our goals. Below are a few of the more common indicators that can be used to help us on our way and to ensure we don’t break down. Continue reading “Your Health Dashboard”

Growing or Dying?


Today I want to talk with you about a basic need that I believe is essential for every single one of us.

I was discussing business issues with a client of mine this week (as he is going through some transitions) and he said:

“Wouldn’t it be great if you could just get a business to a level you were happy and comfortable with and just leave it there ticking over?”

I said in response: Continue reading “Growing or Dying?”



This week, I want to share a poem with you which was a big influence on me growing up and continues to be. If you are slightly older you will probably be familiar with it, if you are younger, maybe not. For me, it just about sums up everything you need to know about life in general and can be related to any specific area of life including training.

Even if you are familiar with it I highly recommend reading it again. Like the old saying goes: ‘You can never step in a river at the same place twice’ and wherever you are in your life or whatever challenges or joys you may be facing will pull different meanings and connotations from the poem. Continue reading “IF”

Remember the Mission!


In my last blog we talked about setting some compelling, powerful goals for the next 6 week period and the importance of having ‘something’ to aim for and focus on.

In this edition I want to ‘chunk up’ slightly and shift the focus to a higher altitude vantage point where we start to look at the bigger picture.

A few years ago I wrote a blog entitled ‘Goals are Great – but they wont make you happy!’ which sparked quite a lot of debate at the time amongst clients and fellow trainers. Everyone is all about setting goals, reaching for measurable outcomes, and constant neverending improvement. BUT setting arbitrary goals and targets for the sake of it will only sustain motivation and focus for so long.

We need to first ask ourself the bigger question – ‘What’s the MISSION?’

Let us consider something big, like a war for example. Within any military conflict there has to be a PURPOSE (or there certainly should be) a REASON for engaging, a MISSION. This might be, for example, to overthrow a dictatorship, to prevent an invasion or to defend your own country.

This could broadly be described as the MISSION. This is the overarching, all consuming PURPOSE for the war. This MISSION should be understood top down by every level of personnel involved. This MISSION, in fact, getting involved in the first place in any type of conflict will be a decision largely based on VALUES and BELIEFS (which we will discuss in depth at a later time) The MISSION is usually simplistic and broad and lacks detail. That’s because it’s THE BIG PICTURE and is used as a compass to direct all decisions, strategies and tactics going forward. Nothing supercedes the MISSION!

We each need our own MISSION to live a life of purpose rather than circumstance. We can have one big MISSION for our life – a kind of umbrella that encapsulates our PURPOSE, or, if that is a bit heavy at the moment we can have a mission for different areas of our life for example; family, career, finances, spirituality, health and fitness etc.

Some examples of MISSIONS concerning health and fitness could be:

To be a shining example of fitness and vitality to your children / grandchildren.

To commit to a life where daily exercise / activity is an essential cornerstone.

To ensure that as you age you maintain optimal health, strength and flexibility.

To live a life of discipline and strength and take pride in your appearance and physicality.

To use exercise and health to boost your productivity in all areas.

The above are big, bold, ballsy statements that can be summed up as MISSIONS or PURPOSES.

Within any war there are numerous battles or conflicts that need to be won in order to realise the MISSION. The war may last for many years and go through many phases but ultimately the MISSION remains constant. The battles and conflicts within the war are how I want you to start viewing the goals that you set.

The goals ARE NOT the MISSION. They are necessary stepping stones helping us to achieve, realise or maintain the MISSION.


When you have a MISSION, goal setting will become easier, more obvious, more logical, more impassioned and more meaningful to you.

Also, if on occassion you narrowly miss out on hitting a goal (which you will from time to time – or you’re not stretching far enough) you can remember the old addage which is incredibly appropriate:

Just because you’ve lost the BATTLE, doesn’t mean you’ve lost the WAR!

Yours in health,

James St Pierre