7 Life Lessons from Mauritius.

I have been very fortunate to spend 3 weeks recently on vacation in Mauritius. It’s the fifth time in my life I’ve managed to get a full 3 week vacation and it’s something that I’m now making an annual goal for me and my family.

There’s something that happens in my mind and body when I’m away for 3 weeks which I believe is called relaxing. It becomes less like a holiday and more like just living somewhere else, but without going to work.

Now, I realise when you’re on holiday you’re living within a bubble. No work (even when you love what you do) frees up a huge amount of time – in my case probably 60+ hours a week and that allows lots of things that aren’t always practical in a normal working week. Nether the less there are certain things that I’ve been doing over these 3 weeks that I am going to endeavour to continue on my return back into ‘normal’ life. Continue reading “7 Life Lessons from Mauritius.”

Love what you do and appearance will follow.

“It is the pervading law of all things organic and inorganic,                                                      

Of all things physical and metaphysical,                                                                                               

Of all things human and all things super-human,                                                                            

Of all true manifestations of the head,                                                                                                  

Of the heart, of the soul,                                                                                                                        

That the life is recognizable in its expression,                                                                                

That form ever follows function.                                                                                                          

This is the law.”

Author, Louis Sullivan – Great American Architect.

How we look, or how we perceive ourselves to look is aesthetic in nature. Aesthetics is:

“the study of sensory or sensory-emotional values, sometimes called judgments of sentiment and taste.” (Wikipedia, 2009)

Which is to say – it’s subjective. Everyone has different judgments on human appearance, and finding the ideal of human physical beauty is a job best left to artists, not trainers. Each person who embarks on physical training (as opposed to sport training) may have a certain goal or ‘image’ they are striving for initially, that may change over time. Continue reading “Love what you do and appearance will follow.”


This weeks blog has been written by Mark Laybourn, UR Personal Trainer and Pilates teacher.

We all like to train well, and we all like to see, and benefit from the results of our training. Mark PullupBut how do you progress to ultimately see the results. This of course comes back to the form, or technique of the exercise (as previously touched upon in my previous blog).

How do we define progression? Do you simply lift a heavier weight each time you step into the gym, add more reps to an exercise each week, run faster or further every time the running shoes are donned!

This of course can be done, by anyone and, will no doubt work for most. But how about taking a step back, to take two steps forward?!!

Continue reading “Progression”

You’ve got to sweat.

I’ve lost count of the number of women and men who I’ve met over the last 18 years working in the health and fitness industry who have stood in front of me and proudly and defiantly told me that: “I don’t sweat”


“No, whatever I do and however hard I work I just don’t sweat.”

Well, very candidly and clearly I’d like to say that that’s rubbish.

I’ve never trained anyone or met anyone who doesn’t sweat when pushed hard enough.

So, on the flipside of this if you ‘never sweat’ I would suggest that you’ve never pushed yourself hard enough to sweat.

Simple. Continue reading “You’ve got to sweat.”

Consistency is King.

I don’t know about you, but I’m in this for the long haul, as in for the rest of my life.

I’m going to stay physically active for as long as I possibly can, hopefully until the day I die.

A mentor of mine, Dr Bob Rakowski says that the goal of a healthy life should be to live a long, active and healthy life and then drop down dead. Dr Bob sites many studies and statistics that show even though people are living longer now than ever they are unfortunately living sicker as well. Look around and I’m sure you will see this to be true. Many people retire and may last for another 20 – 30+ years propped up by a multitude of daily tablets, medications and regular Doctor and hospital appointments.


(I know this doesn’t sound too positive or uplifting but please bare with me) Continue reading “Consistency is King.”

The best exercises you’re probably not doing.

At gyms all over the world people are pressing, pulling, lifting, squatting, swinging, lunging, running, rowing, cycling, stretching, crunching and curling. People use numerous implements for these including barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, cables, bodyweight, resistance bands and suspension trainers among others.

The one thing that 95% of exercises have in common is that they are performed in one place without much movement or locomotion.IMG_5646

The exercises I want to talk about today are the loaded carry family. There are numerous variations of lifts and carries which can be performed with a variety of implements that are suitable for all levels of trainee. In real life we move (or we certainly should) and in many times throughout life we are called upon to carry external loads with us as we move and walk. Continue reading “The best exercises you’re probably not doing.”

A Weekend at the SFG2 with Dan John.

Nancy Searle performing double military press.
Nancy Searle performing double military press.

Many of the regular Unique Results members have asked me over recent months why I seemed to be training so regularly with the kettlebells with my training partner (and UR member) Guillaume Justier (also known as the Parisian Bull 🙂 )

Guillaume Justier (the Parisian Bull) at the top of a 32kg TGU.
Guillaume Justier (the Parisian Bull) at the top of a 32kg TGU.

The answer is that we were both preparing for the very challenging StrongFirst Girya Level 2 (SFG2) Kettlebell Instructor Certification which took place over the weekend (8-10th May 2015) at Unique Results. We had both taken and passed the Level 1 in May 2014 and had set ourselves the very daunting task of doing the more advanced certification.

To pass the Level 2 we would need to pass all of the Level 1 ‘Standards’ again along with a new set of Level 2 Strength and Technical tests. Continue reading “A Weekend at the SFG2 with Dan John.”