StrongFirst Tactical Strength Challenge

On 28th October 2017 Unique Results will be one of 120 locations worldwide hosting the Strongfirst Tactical Strength Challenge (or TSC).


We will be encouraging a number of our own members to register as well as welcoming others from surrounding areas who can sign up to complete the challenge at our venue. The event will take place from 2pm onwards when the studio will be finished with our regular classes and sessions. Afterwards, we are planning on a couple of drinks and some food in a local pub/restaurant TBC.

Registration is $30 and includes a FREE TSC T-shirt when registering before 15th August.

The Tactical Strength Challenge (TSC) is a strength challenge consisting of three events: a three-attempt powerlifting deadlift (for a 1RM), one set of pull-ups for max reps (or a flexed arm hang for certain categories), and kettlebell snatches for max reps in a 5:00 time period (weights vary depending on category entered). Continue reading “StrongFirst Tactical Strength Challenge”

The UR 10,000 Swing Challenge.

Some of our regular Kettlebell class attendees have heard me talk for a while about the 10,000 Swing Challenge. The 10k Challenge (to save me keep typing the whole thing) was originally designed, tested and written about by Dan John in his book ‘Never Let Go’ and in a T-Nation blog of the same name.

This post is specifically about the challenge and how we will implement it at Unique Results for our members. This is something that will require some individual training time and will not be possible to complete solely in our set class timetable. This will therefore demand a degree of commitment and should not be approached lightly. It is however something that I believe the majority of our regular class members would be capable of achieving (but it would most certainly be a challenge – hence the name).



Below, I have lifted certain sections from the original blog and also clearly stated where I would modify the structure to be most appropriate for our clientele as I know your abilities, level of conditioning and strength and also what is most ‘reasonable’ for you. The modifications I will make are also what I will be following as I will doing this challenge alongside you as well. Continue reading “The UR 10,000 Swing Challenge.”

A Weekend at the SFG2 with Dan John.

Nancy Searle performing double military press.
Nancy Searle performing double military press.

Many of the regular Unique Results members have asked me over recent months why I seemed to be training so regularly with the kettlebells with my training partner (and UR member) Guillaume Justier (also known as the Parisian Bull 🙂 )

Guillaume Justier (the Parisian Bull) at the top of a 32kg TGU.
Guillaume Justier (the Parisian Bull) at the top of a 32kg TGU.

The answer is that we were both preparing for the very challenging StrongFirst Girya Level 2 (SFG2) Kettlebell Instructor Certification which took place over the weekend (8-10th May 2015) at Unique Results. We had both taken and passed the Level 1 in May 2014 and had set ourselves the very daunting task of doing the more advanced certification.

To pass the Level 2 we would need to pass all of the Level 1 ‘Standards’ again along with a new set of Level 2 Strength and Technical tests. Continue reading “A Weekend at the SFG2 with Dan John.”