Less Is Sometimes More.

One of my favourite sayings is:

“You can do anything, but you can’t do everything”

I have lived this a lot in the last year with my own training and the need to be selective and purposeful with how I choose to spend my valuable time. It would be brilliant to do a little bit of everything but in reality that leads to being not particularly good at anything.

During a team meeting last week it was raised that we feel a number of our members maybe ‘overdoing it’ with their training recently. This is in relation specifically to the number of classes members are attending per week, sometimes up to 3 or 4 in one day and I feel I have a duty of care to raise this topic to the whole community (and anyone else who happens to be reading).

Many of my posts are about encouraging people to do more, so this a first in asking people to possibly be more selective and do less. Continue reading “Less Is Sometimes More.”

7 Life Lessons from Mauritius (Part 2).

Following on from last weeks post (which has become our most shared and liked Blog of 2016) I am going to finish with the final 3 lessons I will be bringing back from Mauritius with me.

As said previously, things are obviously very different when we return to our ‘normal’ routine but I am going to endeavour to keep up these routines and patterns of behaviour when back at work because I see (and have felt) the huge value in them. As with the previous blog, if any of these points will help you please give them a go or share with friends/family that they may help. Nothing amazing, nothing new, nothing revolutionary just good old fashioned common sense which sometimes slips by the wayside.

Here we go………. Continue reading “7 Life Lessons from Mauritius (Part 2).”

Nutrition Runs Deep

Written by Nikki Fischr, Unique Results Administration Manager

Freshly cooked salmon steak & salad.
Freshly cooked salmon steak & salad.

I recently started a certification course in Nutrition and Nutrition Coaching to expand my own knowledge and the service we can give to our members.

Nutrition is a subject close to my heart as I personally struggle with this every day and my dad is also struggling and needs to make changes now as his health and well being depends on it.  So I was very grateful when James said I could do the course.

I speak with many of you everyday and know that for some nutrition is a minefield and you are unsure what is right and wrong as the media and press send out such mixed messages.  I can not wait to complete this amazing certification so I can start working with you and others on this great nutrition path. Continue reading “Nutrition Runs Deep”